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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)   On Traditional Malay Kuih .

Below is the frequently asked questions and answers on the "Kuih Melayu Anna" products. We hope that you will benefit from the answers and information given. Please have no hesitation to contact us if you have any further enquiries,


+ 1. How can I make an order?
+ 2.What is the product that is being offered?
+ 3. What is the cost of each product?
+ 4. To which area do you deliver?
+ 5. Is there a minimum order for deliveries?
+ 6 . Is there a delivery cost?
+ 7. Who is responsible to deliver the food that is being ordered?
+ 8. What is the guarantee that the food will arrive at the correct venue and on time?
+ 9. Can the customer cancel their order?
+ 10. How do I order the on the food or product/package?
+ 11.What shall I do if I am not at the location when the delivery is to be made?
+ 12.What is the process of payment?



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